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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition Announced

Square Enix has today announced that Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles will be returning with new features and will be known as Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition. The game will launch for PS4, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS on January 23rd, 2020. A preview version of the game will make its debut at the Tokyo Game Show this week.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

The game is being released with more features and enhancements compared to the original version. These new additions will make the game a much more enchanting experience, whether you play solo or with your friends. Fun RPG- gameplay and memorable characters are sure to make this entertaining game for both newcomers and fans of the Final Fantasy series.

New Features

  • Updated Visuals and Audio – Experience the world of FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES in stunning new ways, with upgraded graphics and audio updates enhancing the magical adventure like never before.
  • New Character Voiceovers – Playable heroes come to life with brand-new voiceovers as they cast spells and battle ferocious monsters.
  • New Online Multiplayer – Play online with up to three friends to overcome the dangerous monsters and dungeons that fill the world*. No players are left behind, as the game supports cross-play functionality.
  • New Dungeons and Bosses – Challenging new dungeons and bosses have been added to the game, allowing for even more fun and exciting gameplay opportunities.
  • New Character Appearances and Items – Stand out with brand-new looks and artifacts to equip and use throughout your magical journey.

To see a bit more of the game, check out the official release trailer below.

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