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Fuji Launches For PSVR In December

Funktronic Labs has announced that they’re bringing their critically acclaimed VR title, Fuji to PlayStation 4 for PSVR on December 10th, 2019 for the U.S and European regions with Japan and Asia markets set to follow soon after.

Emerging from a mystical tree, players are sent on an adventure that sees them exploring three unique and magical biomes. Throughout this adventure, they will be watering, touching, and musically interacting with plants and creatures to help restore their life force and expand the energetic rings that hover above.


Each of the three biomes features its own biodiversity and plant interactions which will eventually lead players to the source of Fuji’s powerful energy well.

  • A meditative, musical gardening adventure that offers a unique and restorative VR experience
  • Hike through three diverse biomes, collect seeds, and explore their enchanting flora and fauna
  • Collect and grow several rare, musically-interactive plants
  • Sprawling, interactive soundtrack by French artist and composer Norman Bambi
  • Relax in your garden with your companion gnome, and introduce creatures and insect life sourced from the wild
  • Continue to cultivate your garden indefinitely, even after the conclusion of the story

Fuji was recently awarded the title of Best Game at the VRCORE Awards in Shangai and has also featured in an article by the LA Times about climate change and video games.

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