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Gioteck WX4 White Camo Switch Controller Review

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The Controller

The Gioteck WX4 comes in a relatively small box with just enough room for the controller itself and a charge cable, it’s so small a box you’d be surprised to find it even fits a controller in there, aside from the controller and the cable to plug it in, you also get the manual and a little card informing you that you can download new firmware for your controller. We here at Northern Gamer happen to have already reviewed a Gioteck WX4 in a different colour, if you fancy seeing what Dominic had to say instead then you can find his review here.

The controller itself looks very nice and is comfortable to hold, I haven’t personally used an official Switch Pro Controller so I can’t say how it holds up against one of those but I do know that it’s both visually and physically similar to a Wii U Pro Controller if any of you out there have ever used one of those. Compared to using the JoyCons in the provided grip, using the Gioteck WX4 is much more comfortable, I’m one of those people who has fairly large hands so longer play sessions with the JoyCons can lead to some hand cramping so I find the WX4 to provide a better experience.

While the Gioteck WX4 does its best to replicate the features of an official Switch Pro Controller, there are some areas where it might not be what you’re looking for, especially if you like to take advantage of a game’s motion functionalities. The WX4 can be a little on the sensitive side requiring only the slightest sudden movement to make your character do something on screen, with Mario Odyssey for example, it plays like normal for the most part if you keep still but if you raise your hands for whatever reason, maybe you’re adjusting your seating position or you’re stretching, then Mario will begin to throw his hat around like a madman. The other issue I found with it is that it doesn’t recognise Amiibos, that’s something that’s not a massive problem for someone like me who only has one of them but those of you out there with a lot that you like to use regularly it might get annoying having to change back to a controller that you can use Amiibos with. Other than that the controller works very well, the buttons don’t have any unusual sticking issues although the d-pad does click a little loud though but that’s not really a problem, not unless you’re easily bothered by that sort of thing anyway.

The Gioteck WX4 is meant primarily as a Switch controller but it is also compatible with PS3 and PC and after having tried it out on a PS3 I can say that it feels as though it was designed with it more in mind than it was for the Switch, for example; when plugged into the Switch the controller goes off after a few seconds and is no longer picked up by the Switch and as a result it doesn’t charge either, the PS3 seems to have no such issue like that. As well as that, I had to turn the Switch on before I attempted to use the controller since it doesn’t connect unless the Switch is already on whereas if you sync it to a PS3, you can turn it on by using the controller.

To Conclude

The Gioteck WX4 is a great controller and has a really attractive price point especially considering an official Switch Pro Controller can run you up to £60 in some places. It might have a few little niggles here and there but it’s nothing that detracts too much from its usability, once you have the controller on and it’s all charged up it’s a more preferable option to using the JoyCons in the grip. It also looks great in white camo, it adds a little personality compared to the black variation and it’s much nicer to look at that the traditional green camo that some other brands might opt for, the only downside is for whatever reason it costs a little more than the black version. The fact that it also works flawlessly as an alternative to a PS3 controller is also a big plus, especially if you’re a fan of retro gaming and like to revisit the older system from time to time.

If you want to find out what else Gioteck have on offer then you can visit their website at this link or if you want to just go ahead and buy one for yourself you can visit this link for Argos if you’re in the UK.

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