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Gray Zone A Tactical RTS Game Has Been Revealed By EastWork Studios

The Slovakian game development studio known as EastWorks Studios has today announced a new RTS game with the name, Gray Zone. This newly announced game will be making its way to Steam Early Access in March 2020.

Gray Zone is said to be a narrative-driven tactical RTS game with plenty of RPG elements in the mix. It tells the story of a slave who turned against his masters in a future that is hundreds of years from our present.

Gray Zone

Taking elements from classic strategy games of the past, Gray Zone is set to enhance its take on the genre by adding in new elements such as a tactical mode, unique physics, hero customization, and so much more.

Starting from March 2020, Gray Zone will be available via Steam Early Access for $19.99 and will contain the first five of the seven missions in the game’s first chapter that are due to be in the finalized version. The last two missions of the aforementioned chapter will be made available a few months later. The game’s core parts are ready and will be included in the Early Access version.

“We’re really excited to be releasing our game via Steam’s Early Access. This project has meant a lot to us over the last two years of development and we believe our great passion for the strategy genre combined with our storytelling process will resonate with gamers from all walks of life.” – Studio Founder Rudolph Staruch

Gray Zone

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