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Greedfall a Playstation 4 Review

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Introducing a PlayStation 4 review of Greedfall. Developed by French video game developers and creators of The Technomancer and Bound by Flame, Spiders have previously gained experience in RPG games during their employment at Monte Cristo producing Silverfall. Greedfall was published by Focus Home Interactive and released on September 10th 2019.

Starting Up

With 15th century smog devouring a coastal tow and a ship setting sail on the open waters, having avoided the debris of many sunken ship, the wind gently blows slowly turning a distant windmill as ash and soot ominously floats around. An epic introductory screen building my excitement as I start to browse the menus, offering four difficulties to choose from allowing you to enjoy either the story alone with no concern of tactics, play with some minor strategy included but still be an easy enjoyable play, or you can pick from the harder difficulties and have to consider every point spent on attributes, making a more challenging strategic play with increased damage and enemy quantity.


Greedfall offers a huge range of ways to customise your player; either male or female, with seven different options to edit your face, and a preset for quick play. Other than appearance you can set the skill traits of your character choosing between Warrior; a path concentrating on melee combat making more hack and slash type play, Technical; giving more strategic control over the battlefield implementing traps and attacking at range, or Magic; allowing you to command powerful magics, destroying your foes and healing your friends. Each of the choices offer recommendations for classes in respect of levelling up in order to give the best experience when using classes. After you have selected a class you can start to hone their attributes, picking between strength, agility, mental power, willpower, accuracy and endurance each offering characteristics that alter health, melee and magic for example. Once you’re satisfied with your choice you can add a talent of your choice, again picking between six choices; charisma, vigor, craftsmanship, intuition, lock picking and science. Each of these talents will help you to travel the world based on your skill path, with multiple ways to complete objectives you don’t need to worry about obtaining every skill.


In Greedfall you are Lord De Sardet, part of a wealthy family in the town of Séréne, you are awarded the position of Legate and Consort of Nations, charged with communicating and negotiating with the various cultures and neighbouring settlements to Sérène and New Sérène on the newly found isle of Deer Fradee, accompanying your cousin as he embarks on his journey to become the governor of New Sérène. Starting in a 15th century capitol city Sérène, travelling through the decaying streets ridden with disease. The casualties of illness and war lay throughout the city streets, the dead scattered under sheets, piled up or still left where they took their last breath. Smog and smoke clouds your vision as you walk the streets looting the various scattered crates, occasionally you are attacked by thugs progressively getting more aggressive as night falls. You are to initially inform the local officials about your departure to New Séréne before boarding your ship, unfortunately not all goes to plan and a number of side quests are available and a main quest preventing you from leaving just yet. Continuing around Séréne and completing quests and you gradually start to level up giving you chance to use and upgrade your skills, before going on to retrieve your cousin and depart to New Séréne. As you make your way to boarding the ship a cutscene begins and excitement brews, a sailor screaming for help appears aboard the deck of a ship as its walls start to bend and crash outward. Smashing debris of the ship’s walls across the dock and nearly crushing your allies, a huge beast, its composition appearing to be similar to a tree or foliage, appearing weakened after its confinement you order your guard to protect your cousin as you race forward to commence battle. An incredibly fast paced battle ensues leading to the beasts’ demise, just giving a taste of the exciting things to come.


Arriving at New Sérène, it’s far more pleasant, despite it still being a 15th century style city the air is far clearer and the streets are free of the ill, dying or dead. Instead people are going about their daily business, working their jobs, shopping or bidding for custom at the many stalls of goods. Some encounters with bandits happen but only in the more secluded areas of the town or more commonly at night. Travelling around the town as in Séréne you can complete a number of side quests that help you to level up or gain better equipment. Completion of these side quests also furthers the relationships between your comrades and the reputation you hold within the various guilds. New Séréne has much more to offer than its predecessor with more merchants to purchase goods and equipment from as well as a blacksmith to allow you to enhance weapons and armour, adding varying grade parts that add to your characters stats. Although if you chose to pick attributes regarding crafting, alchemy or blacksmithing you will find a number of locations to develop your own equipment rather than spending your coin. In the basement of the New Séréne tavern for a small price your are allowed access to an exclusive area, here you will find access to the coin arena. The coin arena is a place where you are given the opportunity to build up some extra experience as you battle a variety of creatures, beating three rounds of aggressive enemies you can finally please the crowd gradually getting more difficult as they progress. After completion of three rounds the challenge is complete leaving you free to advance to the next stage or return at a later time when you are better prepared. From New Sérène the game world really starts to open up offering more global travel across a vast land filled with treasures, ingredients and enemies. The whole island of Deer Fradee is your domain to explore expanding more and more, both through the story and side missions, each area marked on the map expanding into a much larger explorable area making it easier to travel and explore fully.


The overall visual styles used within Greedfall I personally think are stunning with elaborately detailed environments such as the towns, filled with historically accurate details from the time period. Having the whole dark ages vibe pulled off fantastically as it then carries you to greener pastures so to speak, taking you on a journey to a new land. Showing a great improvement of the cleanliness of the new surroundings, still ever detailed each stone and wooden door textured independently, creating a realistic environment. The characters themselves were averagely textured but their use of micro expressions during conversational scenes were fantastic, being able to understand the feelings and emotions much clearer. I will say however despite how well I feel the graphics look, the small problem of their teeth being a little to big and far to white for the era kinda throws it off.



Greedfall is an epic game with an intriguing story into a new world filled with mysterious sights and terrifying beasts, a marvel of beauty travelling the in game world stopping to take in the sights. With rapid strategic and malleable combat systems keeping play interesting across a variety of different enemies types, with a cleverly constructed RPG progression system that allows complete access despite class differentials, switching outfits to access areas or using a number of alternate methods. Definitely check out Greedfall as a major competitor against Skyrim, you can purchase from amazon here.

You can also purchase it directly from the PlayStation Store by clicking this link.

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