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Gun Gun Pixies Release Dates And New Gameplay Trailer

Publisher, PQube, and developer, Compile Heart have announced that their Japanese first-person-shooter, Gun Gun Pixies is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC. In Europe, the game will release both physically and digitally on the Nintendo Switch on September 6th. In America, the game will release digitally on September 10th and physically on November 1st. A PC launch will also be occurring on November 1st.

A new trailer has been dropped for Gun Gun Pixies which introduces the two pixies, Bee-tan, and Kame-pon. In the trailer, the two are investigating a women’s dormitory in a bid to learn about human behavior. Although the female inhabitants are present most of the time, they don’t really notice the two pixies as they’re too busy doing Yoga, having a bath, trying on clothes and exercising.

Gun Gun Pixies

Taking advantage of the females’ busy lives, you’ll use the aforementioned activities as opportunities to barrage the girls with harmless ”Happy bullets” in order to pacify them and study their social conduct. To successfully do this, you’ll have to explore the dorm and find a good vantage point to snipe each lady.

Players will also be able to find none-combat related story scenarios and a bunch of collectible coins. Collecting these coins will allow you to unlock new weapons, lingerie, gadgets, and costumes for your two troublesome pixies to make use of.

The day one edition of the physical Nintendo Switch version comes in a special collectors box complete with a high-quality artwork book full of countless concept drawings and images of all characters in alternative outfits. This makes it a great collector’s item for any Manga/Anime fans.

Gun Gun Pixies

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