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Gurgamoth Coming To Nintendo Switch On August 23rd

Publisher, The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild has announced that Gurgamoth is making its way to Nintendo Switch with an international launch date of Friday, August 23rd. The game will be available to purchase on the Nintendo eShop.

Featuring a mix of party chaos and competitive strategy, Gurgamoth aims to be a party game that you and up to three of your mates can sit on your couch and enjoy together from one console. A mini battle-royale of sorts it will see you fighting one another for victory.


Instead of going for a weapon centric approach, the developers have made attacks in this game all about making use of the environment around you. The battlefield will be full of hazards that any of your opponents could be planning to use against you by bouncing your unaware ass into something that’s going to hurt a lot. The key to being victorious in Gurgamoth lies in knowing your enemy.


Gurgamoth Features

•Unique levels, each with their own dangers
•Game-changing power-ups
•Tight flying mechanics
•Fantastic visual design
•Fast, party-friendly matches
•The most fun you’ll have summoning an elder god

For more information about Gurgamoth, check out its webpage here.

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