Hero Must Die. Again
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Hero Must Die. Again Coming Later This Month

Hero Must Die. Again, the RPG fantasy game in which you play a dead hero is due to release for PlayStation 4 and PC on February 26th, with a Nintendo Switch release date of just one day later on the 27th.

Taking on the role of a dead hero, the Gods have given you five more days to get your affairs in order after you performed a great deed in which you went to slay a demon.

Hero Must Die. Again

As the five days progress, your character will grow weaker and weaker, making your journey through Hero Must Die. Again that much more of a challenge as you seek to find out the truth.


  • Fantasy anti-RPG where the hero starts at his strongest and grows weaker as time passes
  • Over 50 different funeral (endings) depending on what the hero accomplished
  • 8 unique heroines to woo, each with their own personalities and motivations.
  • Visit the world you have just saved, and resolve remaining problems to lead it to the best possible future
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