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Kontrol Freek PS4 Overwatch D.Va Thumbsticks Review

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Kontrol Freek Overwatch Thumbsticks

Packaged in a collectable Overwatch loot box style box these thumbsticks from Kontrol Freek already ooze a premium feel and things only look better when you open them and discover hot pink angry bunny adorned thumbsticks in D.Va’s style inside.

Overwatch Thumbstick BoxOverwatch D.Va Thumbsticks

The thumbsticks have a smooth rubbery feel to them and provide a lot of extra grip over the standard PS4 analogue sticks, especially with the design of the bunny on top, you can really let your thumbs “dig in” without any worry that they’re going to slip off during those particularly tense moments in a firefight. They also add a little bit of extra height to the sticks meaning that you don’t have to push it as far to reach where you want to it to be, this is useful for making extra quick movements and in a multiplayer game you really need every fraction of a second you can get to come out on top.

If you’re wondering, could you get these and have them fit on other controllers then sadly the answer is no. These thumbsticks have specifically been designed to fit onto PS4 controllers and they clip on quite tightly, so snug in fact that if you were to remove and reapply them over and over you may risk damage to your controller. Just out of curiosity, I did check to see if these would fit onto my Xbox One controller and they don’t, being that the sticks on the Xbox One controller are ever so slightly smaller. This means that if you want to have the same fancy toppers to use on your Xbox One, you’ll have to spring for a compatible set.

I found them a little fiddly to put on since you have to push them down on the sticks and those stubborn things aren’t likely to sit still for you while you do it. It’s a minor issue though and one that barely lasts a few seconds. Once they’re on, they’re there to stay, there’s no wobbling or shifting and they won’t even rotate without more force than you could apply by pushing on it. They’re not stuck there if you do fancy a game with them off as they do pull off easy enough, though you might miss using them if you were to do that because they’re surprising easy to adjust to.

Overwatch Thumbsticks PS4

Kontrol Freek designed these, as they have done so with other thumbsticks, to help improve your performance in games by increasing reaction times, by way of giving you less distance to push the stick. I had my doubts as to whether these would have any real impact on the way I played a game or if they’d just be a nice looking addition to my controller but I can say they certainly do seem to have had an effect. Normally, as you’ll see in my review of Kontrol Freek’s Grips, I’ll admit to being a terrible player when it comes to the multiplayer portion of any game. Barely able to hold myself above the bottom of the leaderboard with a score so meagre it would probably make a professional gamer take some pity on me. Well, I can say that with these sticks on, I may still be at the bottom of a leaderboard but this time with a score much less pitiful, I daresay if my teammates hadn’t been as good as they were, I may have even ranked a little higher. Perhaps they had some of Kontrol Freek’s thumbsticks themselves, who can say?

To Conclude

These Overwatch thumbsticks from Kontrol Freek really are top notch, they’re made well and have a stylish design and the box they come in really makes them feel like a premium bit of kit. There are a couple of complaints I have with these, however. If you’re buying them and want to keep the box intact for its collectability then you should be aware that it’s a little difficult to get into without damaging it and they do seem like they could deal lasting damage to your analogue sticks in you were to repeatedly remove and reattach them.

Kontrol Freek have many more in varying designs for all platforms on their website but if you want these ones specifically, you can find them here.

Please note if you’re in the UK and you’re wanting to buy these, Kontrol Freek are based in the US so there may be additional customs charges.

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