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Kung Fu Kickball Gameplay Trailer and News

Kung Fu Kickball?

What is it?

A fighting game?

A platform game?

Or sports maybe?

Well, how about an incredible mix of all the above, in this cartoon-style similar to OK K.O. Let’s Be Heroes. Developed by Whalefood Games and published by Blowfish Studios. An arcade-like battle system where you punch kick and power move your ball into your opponent’s bell. Score points on your own or with a friend locally or online in 1v1 and 2v2 combat style bell ringing soccer swatting mayhem. Kung fu Kickball allows you to also compete against your friends or around the world in online quick match selection, striking fear in the hearts of Kung fu Kickball competitors everywhere.

Getting to choose between three ultimate class types
The Monk
Getting to choose between three ultimate class types
The Old Master

Countless options for combat combinations to confuse, counteract and attack your opposition using a basic three-button combination system. Mastering incredible feats of Kung fu Kickball fury as you get hooked in. Using pixel art software to create 6 bell pounding, breathtaking levels, and enhanced by its use of complicated in-depth backgrounds. Using pixels and shapes creating an authentic Kung fu experience. Getting to choose between three ultimate class types The Monk, The Ninja and The Old Master.

Will you be the first to combat your way to a sporting victory and fight your way to glory? Coming soon to Steam, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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