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Lanternium Review (Nintendo Switch)

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Welcome to our Lanternium review. Lanternium is a clever puzzle game teaching children colors and how they mix with other colors with the use of colored blocks, fireflies and a color changer starting with red blue and green. You must use your color relic to manifest the colored blocks along your path changing them to match it, as you chase down a pesky thriving fox, who stole your cookies whilst you slept. Developed by Blazing Planet Studios and sharing publishing with Victory Road, Lanternium was released on Nintendo Switch on October 1st, 2019. Check out its Intro below.


Working through the levels playing as a comical raccoon wasn’t too bad, a little repetitive but still a very creative way of building puzzle-based levels and teaching colors. As the levels progress they quickly become more complicated adding more variation in color using different colored fireflies, and picking them up alters the relics output enabling you to cross to the finish. In some cases, you must try and think ahead picking up the correct colors to allow you to finish levels the wrong choice, forcing you to retry and collect scrolls and keys you may have missed as well as your cookies. The colored blocks are not the only obstacles in Lanternium with wooden beams that become falling floors offering limited routes around, icy paths slipping you straight off the edge if not prepared and even enemies, some minding their own business but others that will hunt you down. The use of a manual camera was less than ideal and felt an over the head perspective would have been better, allowing you to see more without the maps cosmetics being in your way. Without any real consequence for death, Lanternium is a fun puzzle game offering a few hours of play for the family as you restore the bizarre world you find yourself in as you pursue the naughty fox. Check out some gameplay below.

Graphics and Audio

The graphics in Lanterium are not very good for animated animals, the style is intended to be cartoony and childlike, similar to Sly Cooper but doesn’t come across as that way, in fact, I found the shape of the characters to be blocky and poorly detailed. The levels themselves weren’t as badly affected by the poor graphics and fit well, even the cutscenes were well animated but the characters feel more like objects than characters with their squared flat shapes. Lanternium characters are similar to old PS One games or how I remember them being, but the environments sitting high in the sky are over beautiful locations with a lot of detail, and the art style for their character when in 2D is quite nice and I can see what they had intended. The music is perfect for the type of game with a bouncy upbeat tune, adding to the sense of adventure within the game also including voice actors for the characters making the story more enjoyable.

Lanternium Review


That concludes our Lanternium review. Overall Lanternium could have been better as its camera and character graphics let it down, but the variation in puzzles as you progress keeps you thinking. Good for older children having no trouble playing but a little confusing for younger children getting mixed up between the color button and the camera button. It feels like a true adventure game and I can imagine kids remembering Lanternium in years to come. Check it out on the Nintendo eShop here.