Let's Sing 2020 review
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Let’s Sing 2020 Review (PlayStation 4)

Welcome to our Let’s Sing 2020 review. A home Karaoke game, Let’s Sing 2020 brings to consoles thirty tracks of varying genres as well as a lot more through paid for DLC that is currently in the pipeline.

  • Let’s Sing 2020
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch,
  • Reviewed On: PlayStation 4
  • Developer: Voxler
  • Publisher: Ravenscourt
  • Multiplayer: 1 to 4 Players
  • Available: October 25th, 2019
  • Price: ¬£34.99 (U.K)
  • Age Rating: PEGI 12 (U.K)
  • Review Code Provided

Let’s sing 2020 has three microphone options for players to choose from including a mobile phone with the Let’s Sing 2020 microphone app, a wired microphone plugged into the bottom of the controller and lastly a USB microphone. I want to start by talking about the microphone application which unfortunately has never once worked for me. The idea is simple you download the app on your Android or iOS device and using the power of your WiFi network the application finds the game and turns your phone into a mobile microphone. A good idea but it’s a shame that not once despite being connected to the same WiFi network as my PS4 was it able to find it.

Let's Sing 2020 review

Next I went onto to use my wired gaming headset and while it picked up my voice I found myself having to raise my voice quite high in order for the game to pick it up and put it into action in each song.

The final option was my trusty Sennheiser wireless gaming headset which works extremely well with the game and in all honesty out of all three microphone I have used this is by far the best as it was the only one that didn’t require me to shout down the microphone to be heard.

There’s also a physical pack that you can purchase with two USB microphones included, although I can’t vouch for how well these work they’re most likely the very best option as they are officially designed for the game.

The game itself isn’t too bad and is a whole lot of fun especially when there’s a few of you around to enjoy it. I have played it a bit on my own and in all honesty it just made me feel like a nutter who couldn’t sing but with a few friends and family around I no longer felt like the only nutter enjoying myself.

Let’s Sing 2020 has a simple premise when it comes to gameplay and that’s a point based score system which awards you for correctly hitting notes. At first it’s quite hard especially if you’ve never played a Let’s Sing game before but as you play through you start to realise when you need to be high, low, or in the middle and whilst I’ve certainly not mastered it yet I have gotten a hell of a lot better.

Let's Sing 2020 review

With 30 tracks to start off with the game provides enough content for a few hours of fun at a time. That said it can and does get boring singing the same things over and over. Thankfully there are DLC packs coming out that add more songs too the mix. Tracks in the game’s initial 30 thirty include modern titles such as FRIENDS by Marshmello and Anne-Marie and Somebody You Loved by Lewis Capaldi as well as classics like The Show Must Go On by Queen and Angels by Robbie Williams.

There are also a few different modes for you and the mates to take it to the next level such as classic which allows you to sing solo or with someone in order to see who can score the most points, a mix tap mode which has you singing through snippets of tracks in a row, and even a jukebox mode that allows you to just play some music in the background.

In conclusion Let’s Sing 2020 is a fun way to get with some friends and family and belt out some tunes without feeling like the only talent-less nutter in the room. The track list does get stale after a few hours and the microphone application seems to be terrible not just from my experience but from what others have said in the Google Play reviews.

Let's Sing 2020 review

That concludes our Let’s Sing 2020 review. To purchase the game on PlayStation 4 check out the link below.

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