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Logitech G Pro Gaming Keyboard Review Simplicity That Functions

Welcome to our Logitech G Pro Gaming Keyboard review. The Logitech G Pro Gaming Keyboard is aimed at eSports athletes and as such has been designed to meet their expectations. Admittedly I’m no eSports athlete and haven’t been using the keyboard to gain a competitive edge, although I have used it for a few PC games.

  • Logitech G Pro Gaming Keyboard
  • System: PC
  • Model: YU0039
  • Available: Now
  • Price £129.99
  • Review Sample Provided


Quite often we see gaming keyboards that have been designed to look like something from a sci-fi flick, making use of odd shapes and abstract ideas, which can sometimes produce nice-looking keyboards, but more often than not produces some really ugly looking keyboards. It’s a pleasant surprise then, to see that Logitech has opted to go for a plain-looking slab approach for this keyboard’s base, so there’s no weird pointy out bits or shapes in strange areas, instead, it looks just like a normal desktop keyboard. That is until you plug it in.

Logitech G Pro Gaming Keyboard review

While Logitech decided to leave out the sci-fi design they didn’t leave out the LED lighting system and every clickable key and button features an RGB set of LEDs that are fully user-customizable with various pre-set and custom made lighting schemes. The LEDs can be changed from the G Hub Software, but more on that later.

One slight disappointment with the keyboard is that its body is made from plastic with no metal anywhere to be seen, which given that this keyboard comes with an RRP of £129.99 is a bit of a cheap approach. That said, however, it’s been so well made that it feels really sturdy and quite tough with a bit of weight behind it.

Logitech G Pro Gaming Keyboard review

On the bottom of the keyboard, you’ll find five large rubber squares for added grip and two fold-out feet with two height options to choose from, with 4 degrees and 8 degrees options, so you can set it up to a height that feels best for you.

While there are no dedicated media buttons, keys F9 through to 12 have media playback options as their secondary purpose, whilst the PRTSC, SCRLK, and PAUSE button feature the volume controls. There’s also a button that allows you to turn the lighting system on or off and a button that puts the keyboard in gaming mode.

Designed with eSports tournaments in mind, the G Pro has been designed to be as portable as possible. To achieve this, Logitech has opted to make it a tenkeyless keyboard, which means it does away with the number pad in order to make the keyboard smaller. They have also opted to go for a removable USB cable connection that means it won’t be so easy to damage the cable from wrapping it around the keyboard when traveling.

Logitech G Pro Gaming Keyboard review

The Logitech G Pro Gaming Keyboard comes with Logitech’s in house Romer-G tactile mechanical key switches, which according to Logitech have a lifespan of 70million clicks and feature a shorter travel distance in comparison to other leading switches, which in theory should shave off valuable seconds between touching a key and getting a result.


One of the biggest appeals about the Logitech G Pro Gaming Keyboard is that it’s user-customizable. To do this users will have to download the G Hub software from the Logitech site. Now I’d love to sit here and talk about G Hub, but I can’t, because for whatever reason it simply refused to find the keyboard. I spent countless hours looking for answers and trying to get it working, but in the end, I got nowhere with G Hub.

Instead, I had to go and download Logitech’s previous software known as Logitech Gaming Software. LGS picked up my keyboard with no issues, which leads me to ask why G Hub couldn’t pick it up? Since Logitech as a company is trying to push G Hub to users, you’d expect it to work flawlessly with no issues.

Logitech G Pro Gaming Keyboard review

LGS works fine and allows you to set your keyboard up in many ways, with settings that allow you to set up profiles for different games, LED light settings, and applying different commands to different keys amongst other things. LGS is, however, missing some of the features found on G Hub such as the ability to download user-created lighting schemes.

If you’re fortunate enough and G Hub works for you, I’d say go for that one and only go for LGS if like me you got sick of trying to make it work.


As I said at the beginning of the review, I’m no pro-gaming eSports athlete and while I’m pretty sure this keyboard has been well made to please anyone who is, it’s not in my remit to identify a good professional eSports keyboard, however, I can identify a good keyboard for general gaming.

In all honesty, I’m a console gamer at heart and prefer the sweet feel of a controller between my hands rather than the clickity-clack of a keyboard. That said I do still play the odd PC game here and there and make use of a keyboard to do so.

For the purpose of this keyboard review, I fired up the recently released Minoria and gave it a whirl with the Logitech G Pro Gaming Keyboard as my controller. Minoria is a 2D side-view platformer so it contains plenty of navigating, jumping and combat to really put this keyboard to the test. I found that while navigating with the keyboard, it was fast, fluid and responsive to each and every touch and jumping using the spacebar was a doddle with each and every feedback click being like music to my ears. Combat, which is a big part of Minoria and challenging enough as it is, was made slightly easier by the keyboards quick response time and smoothness.

I spend a lot of my time on the PC typing articles like this one, so it’s vital I have a keyboard that is comfortable amongst other things. Now admittedly I was put off by the lack of a palm rest on the G Pro, especially since my previous keyboard had one and it did take me a while to adjusting to using a keyboard without one, but I’m happy to say it’s one of the most comfortable keyboards I have ever used for both gaming and typing.


Logitech is no stranger when it comes to PC hardware and is definitely no stranger to eSports, being a sponsor to teams such as Team SoloMid and London Spitfire to name a couple. The G Pro is just another well-made PC accessory by a company with so much experience in the field that it would be an embarrassment if anyone said differently. Admittedly I’m not a fan of using a full plastic body on a keyboard of this price and the experience I’ve had trying to get G Hub to work hasn’t been a very good one, but overall I love this keyboard, I love how simple it looks and I love how well it works for me as a none eSports gamer.

That concludes our Logitech G Pro Gaming Keyboard review. For more information and a full technical list for this keyboard, check it out here.

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