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Minoria Review (PC)

Welcome to our Minoria review. Developed by the guys who developed the popular 2016 title, Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight (Bombservice), Minoria has released on the wings of great expectations from fans of the developer and the Momodora game. I can’t say too much about Momodora as I’ve never played it, but my research has led me to witness how much love the game gets.

Before I get down to my review I’d just like to point out that since we’re so poor here at Northern-Gamer we don’t have a high-end gaming PC to play PC games on. For the purpose of this review, Minoria was played on a 2012 home-built PC with 4GB RAM, AMD FX-4100 quad-core processor, and an AMD 2GB graphics card. That said it has played extremely well even with these low specifications.

  • Minoria
  • Platforms: PC
  • Reviewed On: PC
  • Developer: Bombservice
  • Publisher: DANGEN Entertainment
  • Multiplayer: None
  • Available: 27th August 2019
  • Price: £15.49 (U.K), $19.99 (U.S)
  • Review Code Provided

Minoria features quite a decent storyline, which sees you take on the role of Sister Semilla, a nun who has been sent to the capital city of Remezia to sort out an infestation of witches. Sister Semilla is a silent character who doesn’t do any talking throughout the game, although Sister Fran an accompanying nun will pop up every now and again to say something in a little dialogue box. A few cutscenes here and there layout the story, but for the most part it’s told through notes you’ll find on your journey.

This game is best described as a modern-looking 2D platforming side scroller as levels are viewed from the side and everything is pretty much two dimensional, although drawn in a way that looks smart and modern for a game of this type.

Minoria Review
A gorgeous take on the side-scrolling style.

Each level plays out in a fairly linear fashion and you may find on plenty of occasions you get to the end of one section are greeted by a locked door which requires a key. To progress beyond the doors you’ll have to go back and find the correct route to said key before returning. Unfortunately, the game has a habit of telling you where to go, but not helping you by giving you directions which means you could find yourself spending quite a while trying to figure things out.

Aside from keys, collectibles, and story pages, exploring doesn’t yield too much although it’s a great way to fight more enemies to help you level up quickly to give you an easier time later on as things start to get tougher.

One of the core mechanics of Minoria is its combat and throughout the game, you’ll do a lot of it. As you play you’ll find a few different swords which all have their own pattern of attack. These swords work really well when you’re close to an enemy. Sister Semilla also has the power to equip ‘Incenses’, which are magical powers she can use for attacking, healing, and buffing.

A real issue when it comes to combat in Minoria is the screen area. There can be quite a lot of enemies at any one time on the display but unfortunately, some of them are out of shot which can lead to moments of frustration as you find yourself getting killed by a projectile coming from the left or right of you.

Boss fights in Minoria are often challenging and quite long, with the majority of bosses having the ability to wipe you out in one hit which is very frustrating. It’s fair to say boss fights really will test your ability to use both offense and defense together properly.

Despite the low specifications of my PC, I am very surprised that I am able to say that Minoria looks absolutely stunning. The graphics are crisp with real attention to detail on characters, scenery and interactive objects. While I can’t speak too much on the technical side it is clear to see this game has been designed to look gorgeous.

Minoria Review
Looks Stunning.

In conclusion, Minoria is a fantastic game especially if you love challenges. For the most part, the combat is great with one or two small issues and the platforming does sometimes feel a bit tedious thanks to the need to go back and forth an awful lot.

That concludes our Minoria review. The game is available to purchase on PC through Steam.

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