My Arcade Pocket Player PAC-MAN Review

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The My Arcade Pocket Player is a tiny handheld device for playing retro games, in this case a selection of PAC-MAN games, on the go. The games included with this device are PAC-MAN, PAC-PANIC and PAC-MANIA. PAC MAN is the traditional game everyone knows and loves while PAC-MANIA is more of a 3D styled isometric take on the classic formula, PAC-PANIC however is a puzzler I’d describe as being a little bit of a cross between Tetris and Dr. Mario.

The My Arcade Pocket Player comes in a small, nicely designed box, the PAC-MAN text is raised up and there’s a neat appearance to the whole thing with a picture of the handheld on the front and back. The front also has a little magnetic flap you can lift up to see the device inside and on the underside of the flap are screenshots of the three games along with a small description of each, overall it’s quite a nice box.

My Arcade Pocket Player PAC-MAN box frontMy Arcade Pocket Player PAC-MAN flap up

Inside the box the device is neatly enclosed between two pieces of plastic which come apart easily so you can get to it without having to worry about ruining it if you’re a collector. Once inside, you get The My Arcade Pocket Player itself, which has a wrist strap already attached so you can wear it while playing as a precaution against dropping it and a relatively thick manual which details every aspect of the handheld and what each button does in multiple languages. One thing I have to mention if you’re planning on getting this as a collector’s item but still want to use it is that the sticker covering the screen didn’t peel off without a fight, I had to pick at it for a few minutes before I was able to peel it off.

On the front you have your d-pad which is in a rounded shape, the speaker beneath it and on the opposite side there’s a start and reset button as well as the A and B buttons and the screen is between the two. Along the top is the on and off and volume switch as well as a socket for a micro USB if you want to power it without using batteries and at the bottom there is a headphone jack. If you want to use batteries then it uses four AAA batteries and how long a life span you get out of it will more than likely depend of the type of batteries you use, the battery covers are also a little stubborn to open so you have to put quite a bit of pressure on it otherwise your thumb will keep sliding off.

My Arcade Pocket Player PAC-MAN contentsMy Arcade Pocket Player PAC-MAN battery covers

The Device itself is incredibly small and light enough that it doesn’t feel like it has anything inside it, it is easy enough to use though despite its small size thanks in part to the fact that other than PAC-PANIC, you only have to use the directional buttons during play and due to its light weight you don’t have to grip it so tightly that it might cause hand cramps which is useful for people like me who have large hands. To say the sound only comes from one side it actually does a good job of seeming like it’s much more centralised and as an added bonus the sound is good quality, I didn’t notice distortion of any kind while playing with it.

My Arcade Pocket Player PAC-MAN turned on

To Conclude

While it may not be as fancy looking as My Arcade’s Micro Players, the fact that this one is built more to be played on the go and has multiple games on it I would say, at least in my opinion that it makes it a little superior as a gaming device the only downside is the lack of a micro USB being included but odds are that most of you out there will have dozens laying around already. It would make a great gift for any kids you want to introduce to gaming and what better place to start than with one of the all time classics?

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