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Nacon Asymmetric Controller Review

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Welcome to our Nacon Asymmetric Controller review. The Nacon Asymmetric Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4, brandishing a sticker and certificate of conformity that the Nacon is also officially licensed by Playstation. Beautifully presented packaging encasing the controller behind a shaped plastic wall, within a matt black box with hexagonal design printing that makes it quite an alluring box. Its asymmetrical design isn’t its only feature, the Nacon has two powerful vibration motors, up-to seven hours of play including a handy battery check feature on the control itself, a USB Bluetooth receiver that works across a massive seven-meter wireless distance. On the bottom is a 3.5mm audio plug for your headset, and the Nacon, unlike the official PlayStation controller, includes a micro USB charger cable with the controller.

To The Touch

Feeling the Nacon is wonderful being cool to the touch with a nice weight just over the official controller’s, and having very individual looking thumbsticks. The left stick has a grained dotted set of indentations dipping in centrally on the analog and positioned where the D-pad usually sits, whilst the right stick is in its usual spot with the very attractive shape of the Nacon logo on the top of the analog again dipping centrally for the comfort on your thumb. Even despite the asymmetrical positioning of the Nacon analogs, the controller feels normal like it’s supposed to be that way. Its touchpad again displaying artistic features adding to the controller’s attractiveness with a dotted engraving across the whole space, mathematically positioned with the Nacon brand name center bottom of the touchpad. The right and left top buttons and even the main control buttons spring back with life when pressed, responsively engaging you in active gameplay keeping up on high paced games. The material used is very similar if not the same as the official controller feeling cool in your hands and keeping friction during play to prevent slipping. Its weight helps you to feel immersed in the game feeling as though the control is an extension of yourself. The handy battery check button on the reverse of the control allows you to see its average charge, pressing the button shines the front light indicating its current power level, but this does negate the PlayStation’s on-screen feature.

Nacon Asymmetric Controller Review


Starting my test with the retro skill-based platform game Driven Out, the Nacon feeling more comfortable in my hands responded well actively switching between block and attack rapidly. Progressing through the assortment of difficult to beat enemies, occasionally being ambushed the Nacon turning me quickly as I blocked then cut them down. Finding it to be very reliable on Driven Out I decided to swap games cycling through a handful such as Borderlands 3 and Fortnite then eventually to a favorite and the true test, Call of Duty. In the past with third-party controllers I have usually been disappointed finding them to be much slower than the fast pace of Cod or they are overly sensitive on aiming, but to my surprise the Nacon performed like a professional athlete with its quick response triggers giving me an edge during fire-fights and even aiming, bring my rifle on my target accurately and immediately allowing for a successful and enjoyable experience. Having been pleased with its capability I used the Nacon for longer than the seven hours before it started to die, having smashed game after game and getting to round 29 on zombies, my adrenaline was pumping and the Nacon still felt comfortable.

Nacon Asymmetric Controller Review


In conclusion, despite the placement of the analog sticks, the Nacon is a very attractive accessory having many distinguishing features that set it apart from the official controllers, with wireless that isn’t as easily interrupted. It doesn’t have a light bar or motion sensors as a feature, nor the in pad speaker but in all honesty, these are gimmicky features that even game developers rarely use. The USB stick is a little bit of a nuisance for the Playstation Slim which has only two USB slots, but the wireless signal far exceeds the official controller not being interfered with by the TV or other objects in your path, a common problem I have with even less than a meter from the console with official controls. Far more than just an attractive control, it is the best third party controller I’ve ever had the pleasure of using, really catching me off guard with its responsiveness even on Cod its functionality is fantastic. Check it out on the Nacon website.