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Nacon Has Expanded Its Officially Licensed PS4 Range


The accessory maker, Nacon has expanded its lineup of officially licensed PS4 accessories with a new microphone and color scheme for its Compact Wired Controller.

Designed with content creators in mind the Nacon Streaming microphone features a highly accurate sound reproduction system to allow voices to be reproduced with crystal-clear detail. Making use of Cardioid technology, the Nacon Streaming microphone boasts directional sound recording to ensure that all background noise is ignored, whilst integrated analog-to-digital with 16bit/48khz resolution ensures there’s support for all connections.

Nacon Has Expanded

Having already sold over 1million units worldwide, the Nacon Wired Compact Controller is now available in a new camouflage color scheme that offers something fans of stealth games and FPS will love. The Wired Compact Controller features all the essentials such as dual vibration motors, a touchpad, and a headphone jack.

Nacon Has Expanded

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the Youtube clip below to see Nacon’s range of controllers.

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