Nicky - The Home Alone Golf Ball Review
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Nicky – The Home Alone Golf Ball Review (Nintendo Switch)

Welcome to our Nicky – The Home Alone Golf Ball review. A simple game with a simple premise and even simpler price tag, Nicky – The Home Alone Golf Ball is an unusually different title.

  • Nicky – The Home Alone Golf Ball
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC, Android
  • Reviewed On: Nintendo Switch
  • Developer: MinimalLab
  • Publisher: QUByte Interactive
  • Multiplayer: None
  • Available: 7th January 2020
  • Price: £0.89 (U.K), $0.99 (U.S)
  • Age Rating: PEGI 7 (U.K), E (U.S)
  • Review Code Provided

As a game priced at well under £1.00, Nicky – The Home Alone Golf Ball is a game made on a budget and this shines through in a few areas such as the annoying computer like voice and the fact that the game is just one long level where the idea is simply to get one from end to the other with as little hits as possible.

Nicky - The Home Alone Golf Ball Review

You’ll find yourself starting off in a house where you must navigate Nicky through a range of obstacles from books to a ceiling fan as you aim to make it to the great outdoors where the real challenge begins as you find yourself flying through cars, smashing through pigeons and passing a vicious dog amongst many other things. To top it all off, this is all done by sending Nicky flying through the air like a proper golf ball, with nothing but an arrow to aid your swing and hit to be as precise as possible. The further you get, the harder it becomes.

The gameplay sounds simple on paper but mastering this game can be tricky when you consider that your hit count is shown at the bottom of the screen and a global leaderboard of the top ten players who have got Nicky to the end with as little hits as possible sitting in the top corner. This leaderboard makes the game a challenge, especially if you love leaderboards and beating high scores and makes a possible reason for players to come back to this otherwise short game.

At the beginning of each round, you can customize Nicky with a few accessories such as hats and glasses. Unfortunately, everything is unlocked from the get-go and this means there’s not much incentive to go back and do things again apart from the aforementioned leaderboard.

Nicky - The Home Alone Golf Ball Review

For a game that costs less than a large pack of Haribos, Nicky – The Home Alone Golf Ball is an alright game that’s perfect for those moments where a full-on game isn’t quite possible.

That concludes our Nicky – The Home Alone Golf Ball review. To purchase the game on Nintendo Switch check out the links below.

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