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Nintendo Switch Lite Revealed

After months of rumors and speculation, Nintendo has finally confirmed the existence of the ‘Switch Mini’ as we’ve all been calling it. The official name is ‘Switch Lite’ and it officially launches on September 20th and will cost $199.99 in the US. There’s no word on pricing here in the U.K yet. At release, there will be three colors, yellow, gray and turquoise, followed by some limited edition Pokemon Sword/Shield versions launching on November 8th, a week before both of the games official launch.

Nintendo Switch Lite

As previously thought, the Switch Lite is a portable only console without the T.V connectivity. It also lacks removable Joy-Cons, HD Rumble, IR camera and the kickstand for desktop mode. It features a 5.5-inch touch screen compared to the 6.2-inch touch screen found on the original Switch, although this does give the Switch Lite slightly better battery life over the original.

Nintendo has stated that all handheld games will work with the Switch Lite and has also stated that games without handheld support can be played using the original wireless Joy-Cons, which are sold separately.

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