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Nintendo Switch Mini Looks Likely

A gaming accessory manufacturer could have just revealed the next iteration of Nintendo’s popular console, the Switch. Dubbed the Switch Mini it has a whole section for the unannounced console on its website here. The items are currently out of stock, so they can’t yet be purchased. What’s truly exciting is that along with cases and screen protectors, we actually get a fully detailed glimpse of the console.

Switch Mini

Honson, a company that has been making console accessories since the year 2000, has recently added the section in the above link to its website. Given how big this company is, this reveal is very much most likely to be true.

So judging by the looks of the ”Switch Mini” it’s most likely to be a portable only console, although I could be very wrong there. I think it could be though, due to the fact it seems to be lacking Joy-cons in favor of unremovable controls built-in, kind of like a PS Vita. Looking at it, I’d say it’s a bit smaller than the original Switch, but it’s hard to tell if its screen is smaller or the same size. I’m not too sure whether I like this approach from Nintendo as I spend more of my time using the Switch connected to my T.V than I do using it as a handheld.

Switch Mini

With no mention of this by Nintendo at E3, it surely can’t be much longer before they confirm its existence. Judging by Honson’s whole dedicated section, it really can’t be too far from release at this point.

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