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Obey Me News and Gameplay Trailer

Obey me is an Error 404 Game Studios creation, published by Blowfish Studios in conjunction with Dynamite Comics. Bringing you another intense top-down co-op experience. Taking the role of Vanessa Held, a Soul Huntress and her faithful friend Monty the hellhound in a 3D action brawler, having to defeat the hordes of heaven and hell, as well as combating mutants and robots.

Obey Me

Under the guidance of Ammon, the Archduke of Avanice she must try to uncover the truth of her purpose, with her connection between two cosmic forces. Using a multitude of fighting techniques and powers in a well thought out combo system, adding a fusion mode increasing your incredible power to new heights. Including Monty’s transformations making him ultimately godlike, making short work of the foes progressing throughout the game. All whilst absorbing the life forces of all those fallen at your feet to use as a tool for upgrading your own abilities and transformations.

Obey Me

Displaying some fantastically made smooth 3D graphics, adding incredible special effects that will keep you visually astonished. Only adding to the wow factor about this game, its story is creatively immersive and is accompanied with a companion comic. Overall making Obey Me a definite game to watch out for.

Releasing in Q3 in 2019 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

Check out Obey Me here.

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Projection: First Light.

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