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Paper Beast arriving on PSVR on March 24th

Developed by Pixel Reef, the studio founded by Eric Chahi, the developer responsible for titles such as Another World and Heart of Darkness. Paper Beast is coming to PlayStation VR on March 24th.

Built with VR specifically in mind, Paper Beast lets you explore a strange world that reacts based on the things you do and the consequences of what you do will all happen in real time thanks to the deep physics engine of Paper Beast.

Coming with two modes means that it should keep players entertained for a good amount of time, especially taking into consideration the kind of game Paper Beast is. The first mode is an adventure mode which lets players explore the dream like environment, interact with creatures and shape the world around them to overcome obstacles and puzzles. Sandbox mode, the other mode, will allow players near limitless options for experimentation; it’s a mode in which you can manipulate the environment, interact with creatures and plant life and even control the weather to suit your every whim.

You can watch the release date announcement trailer below;

If you’d like to, you can visit Pixel Reef’s website for more information on Paper Beast and to see more videos of the upcoming game.

Chris Bracewell
Been a gamer for a long time, is my favourite and oldest pastime. Occasionally, when the mood strikes; I enjoy dabbling in games design, primarily the artistic side.