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Papetura Gets A New Trailer

Developer, Petums has released a brand new trailer for the upcoming PC game, Papetura. Papetura is due to release sometime this year for PC’s through the Steam shop. What makes this game so unique is that it’s made entirely out of animated paper and is made by a one man team.

Papetura is an atmospheric point and click puzzle adventure game, which as I mentioned above is made entirely from animated paper. Everything from the locations to the tiniest little insects is made from paper. To top that off the game’s ear-pleasing music has been composed entirely by Floex.


The game tells the story of Pape, a lonely paper creature who’s trapped in a flowery prison. One day, Pape manages to escape from his cell and meets a magical being known as Tura. From here on he takes care of Tura as the two set off on a journey where they’ll face off against giant fire monsters who threaten to burn down their paper world.


  • Unique Point & Click  Adventure experience.
  • Everything in the game is handcrafted out of paper making the fantasy paper-world more believable.
  • Atmospheric, flowing music created by Floex, the famous artist known for soundtracks to Machinarium, Samorost series, and many award-winning albums.
  • Puzzles are a part of the world.
  • The story told by animation and sounds, without any dialogues.
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