PlayStation 5 Launching
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PlayStation 5 Launching In The Holidays Of 2020

Over on the Official US PlayStation Blog, Sony has confirmed the name of the next PlayStation and well, no surprises, it’s called the PlayStation 5. The PlayStation 5 will launch in the holidays of 2020, which is sure to make it a popular present under the Christmas tree.

Alongside this release time news, Sony has also dished out some details about the PS5’s new controller. Wanting to create something would give the players a more immersive gaming experience, Sony has redesigned the controller to have an emphasis on the sense of touch.

There are two new features for the PS5 controller that have helped Sony to achieve this goal. The first is the adoption of haptic feedback to replace the current rumble technology we’ve seen in controllers since the fifth generation of consoles. Haptic feedback will enable the player to feel a broader range of feedback, which means you won’t feel the same old vibration between two different scenarios. In Sony’s example, they mention crashing a car into a wall or making a tackle on the football field.

The second new feature is what Sony calls adaptive triggers. Adaptive triggers are incorporated into the L2/R2 shoulder buttons and developers are able to program the resistance of each button to allow players a much more tactile sensation when it comes to things such as drawing a bow and arrow or driving an off-road vehicle over tough terrain.

Combined together, these two new features will create a powerful experience that is able to better simulate the various actions you’ll perform when gaming. Early versions of the new controller are already in the hands of developers, who are hard at work creating some wonderful games for the next-generation PlayStation.

There’s plenty more news promised for the year ahead in regard to the PS5, so be sure to stay tuned. Here’s hoping we’ll get to see what it looks like real soon. In the meantime though, here’s a photo of a PS4 Pro, just because its the closest official thing to a PS5 we have right now in terms of images.

PlayStation 5 Launching

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