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PlayStation Plus Needs To Change To Keep People Happy

Let me first start off by saying, I love PlayStation Plus, it’s a service I can’t see myself without. Since I first got my PS4, I’ve had it constantly there, giving me access to online gaming, free games, exclusive discounts and cloud saves, but recently the service appears to have gone backward, especially with the removal of PS3 and PS Vita from the service. Since the removal of these two consoles, the service has gone from offering four games a month to offering just two, with nothing to replace the PS3 or Vita’s content (even way back in the time of the PS3, the service offered more, including PS1 games and DLC). While the PS3 won’t make much difference to PS4 users, some of the PS Vita titles offered cross-play compatibility, which meant that the game could be played on Vita or PS4, essentially giving you at least one extra game on top of the PS4 lineup.

Typically, the PlayStation Plus lineup consists of a mainstream game and an indie game. Sometimes the choices are good and sometimes they just seem like they’ve been picked out of the trash bin in the PlayStation office block. June this year, for example, had the excellent Borderlands: The Handsome Collection and Sonic Mania, while July is confirmed to have Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 and Horizon Chase Turbo. Out of that choice, only June has really interested me, heck I’ve been playing Borderlands none stop. I’m not saying people won’t enjoy July’s lineup, but just look at the comments below the PS Plus July 2019 announcement video on Youtube and you’ll see a lot of disappointment as well as people considering canceling their subscription. Was removing PS Vita and PS3 content not enough as well as giving out sub-par content for the only console currently still using the service?

Sony needs to do something about the missing content and awful choices if it intends to keep raising the prices of its service, especially since Microsoft has just released Game Pass Ultimate, a service which combines both Xbox Live Gold and their ‘Netflix like’ gaming service, which basically gives Xbox users all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold and access to over 100 games including first day access to most Xbox One exclusive titles, all for £10.99 a month. This really should have the Japanese tech giant thinking of ways to compete with the American software giant, when it comes to their service.

PlayStation Plus

If Sony wants to keep people happy, they need to change PlayStation Plus for the better. In my opinion, they need to do a Microsoft and combine their two subscriptions together. Not only would this give users more choice of games, but it would also bring their PlayStation Now service to people’s attention now, especially since they want it to be a big part of their upcoming PlayStation 5 console. If they don’t want to do that, they should at least give us one extra game a month and choose games that don’t feel like bargain bin rubbish to most people, instead of just increasing prices with no added benefits on top.



I am a reviewer based in the North of England, I have been writing reviews since 2015. I have recently written reviews on another site that I had co-founded. I started Northern Reviewer as a solo experience based on my previous website experience, which was literally none other than writing reviews and doing a few changes here and there behind the scenes. In May 2019, I co-founded the sister site to Northern Reviewer, Northern Gamer, along with Chris Bracewell.

4 thoughts on “PlayStation Plus Needs To Change To Keep People Happy

  1. The people who comment on video game websites are not the average gamer and don’t make up anywhere close to the majority of the PS user base. Sony put out a stat that said the average user owned less than 10 PS4 games; I have bought about 80 and redeemed another 60 thru PS+. I’m guessing you are in a similar state. A lot of the ones complaining online that this is the WORST. MONTH. EVER. are the same ones who redeem every game and stack their subs out to 2025. PS+ has something like 36 million subs and RISING. Nobody’s putting the wallet away yet.

    1. Personally I’ve had plus almost continuously since the moment it was introduced and own PS4 games numbering well into double digits on physical alone.
      I can remember a time we were offered DLC and PS1 games or the occasional game on the day of release to make the service more appealing, while they discovered what users were after. It begs the question however, now that they have their subscribers, do they feel they no longer need to to make the effort they did previously?

  2. I’ve been tehinking the exact same of the PS Plus recently. The games sucks sometimes, especially any sport or driving game isn’t my gig at all, and propably never’ll be. I know there’s lots of discounts for the Plussers, but I would want more games and especially indie game(s). My subscription to the Plus ends at July and I’ve been thinking of not to renew it this time. I’ve been using Plus continually since just before PS4 came out and this being first time not to. I’m not sure what’ll happens to my cloud saves, though, if I keep some kind of little protest/break? Sony have keep some kind of eye on me, since I’ve got gift cards and invitations to tests and betas many times. So hopefully they gonna ask me why I didn’t renew it.

    1. It’s worth bearing in mind that you’ll lose access to all the games you’ve accumulated during your time with plus, for the duration you’re without it.
      Don’t worry about your saves though, there’s been times I’ve been without plus and all my plus content was right where I left it when I came back.

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