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Reventure Review Re-defining Adventure (Nintendo Switch)

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Welcome to our Reventure review. Reventure embarks on a journey with a hundred different outcomes and sees you begin your perilous journey in search of the princess whilst traversing a multitude of difficult pathways with life-threatening choices at every turn. Creatively developed by Pixelatto and published on the 22nd of October by Pixelatto, Reventure redesigns what an adventure game is using a retro-styled scene and gameplay with some creative endings that you’d just never expect.

Reventure review

Graphics and Audio

Reventure like many indie games uses pixels in a retro-style bringing a colorful yet simple effect to the game. Despite the low resolution of the game, Reventure takes advantage of the style and has created a huge variety of funny little characters to unlock adding a great amount of humor to the story. These characters are often defined by the actions of the previous playthrough and can usually look different to the first character, having spikes sticking through them, being tiny, sometimes even a vile looking creature and even zombified at times. Passing through the varying biomes or scenes you are accompanied by music that fits them often in a very retro fashion and even feeling familiar at one point to the Super Mario 3 flying boat bosses.

Reventure review


Playing Reventure is a humorous and enjoyable experience taking you out of the usual realm of adventure and focuses more on the multitude of endings. Attempting to save the princess can be done in so many different ways with a variety of tools at your disposal. Unlike most games, there is no strict guide to playing and I quickly learned anything was a go, even killing very innocent bystanders unlocked differing endings that made me giggle, and at one point I was king and another queen. Progressing straight to the princess was no easy task and required that I learned the pathways I could take and items I would require to progress further sometimes with many different paths for a particular path and item set. Gradually things started to get a little tedious and you’ll rack your brains for endings, luckily Reventure adds hints on how to further unlock more by cryptically hinting about items or locations helping you to get them all.

Reventure review


That concludes our Reventure review. Reventure was well worth playing offering an individual experience from a game that isn’t like others, its retro pixel graphics and retro music fit well and have been creatively used to bring this original unusual style of gameplay levels of humor that are unexpected. Don’t pass Reventure by without attempting to save the princess in this retro-style adventure like no other check it out here on the Nintendo store.