Snakebyte Game:Pad 4S Wireless Rock
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Snakebyte Game:Pad 4S Wireless Rock PS4 Controller Shipping Now

Console accessory maker, Snakebyte has today announced that its Snakebyte Game:Pad 4S Wireless Rock PS4 Controller has started shipping. The controller features a unique design and substantially improved grip for much better handling.

Snakebyte Game:Pad 4S Wireless Rock

Shipping now from all good game retailers, the Snakebyte Game:Pad 4S Wireless Rock PS4 Controller is finished in a variety of different colors and comes with Bluetooth connectivity for latent free and uninterrupted gaming.

A unique structured-surface-coating has been used to achieve a good grip of the controller as well as making it comfortable to hold. Two motors inside the controller provide the vibration features and the analog sticks and large triggers ensure precision controlling for those moments it’s needed.

Snakebyte Game:Pad 4S Wireless Rock

If you prefer a wired controller, you’ll be happy to know a tethered version exists. Known simply as the Game:Pad 4S, it features all of the same things as the wireless version with the exception of wireless connectivity.

For more information about this new controller, check out the official website.

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