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Spaceland Available Now For Tactic Sci-Fi Exploration Game Fans

Developer, Tortuga Team and Publisher, Ellada Games have proudly released their tactical space-based RPG, Spaceland on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Spaceland is unlike other RPGs in that it doesn’t have you spending time kitting out characters with costumes, load-outs or other time-wasting things. Instead of any of that, characters are automatically equipped with the requirements for the missions ahead and as such the real challenge for the player is making correct use of the loadouts given by the game.



  • We’re Going Old-School: Inspired by classics of the genre such as XCOM, Laser Squad, and IncubationSpaceland turns up the heat on the battlefield by offering a playstyle that is familiar, yet uniquely exciting
  • Quick N’ Fun: Fast and furious battles focus on the action and only take 10-15 minutes. Planning is good, but blasting is better!
  • Packing the Heat: Equip your team with futuristic weapons such as Dash Thrusters, Grenades, Teleporters, Mines, Power Shields, and much more! Scavenge surroundings for equipment and ammo in a hostile environment with scarce resources.
  • Explore and Exterminate: Discover the secrets of alien bases as you explore them, unlocking new data and expanding your digital encyclopedia of alien info — all of which will help you annihilate them with ease
  • A Beast for Every Occasion: Fight for your life against alien lifeforms that feature speed, strength, armor, and more — all challenging your tactical mettle as you figure out the best way to defeat each type

Check out the official Spaceland trailer below to get a glimpse of the game in action.

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