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Speaking Simulator Nintendo Switch Review

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The Game

Speaking Simulator is exactly like you imagine, if what comes to mind when you think of it is one of the more silly simulators out there. Your role is to try and blend in and not be discovered by the humans, you do that by controlling the facial features of your character as they talk, you have to manage to speak in full sentences in a way that doesn’t arouse suspicion when you talk to them. So far as what the premise is like it could be compared to Octodad, so if you liked the situations in that game where you had to try and blend in despite the obviousness that you don’t then you should enjoy this game.

The majority of Speaking Simulator puts you in different situations talking to different people, it starts off fairly easy but it does become more challenging as you unlock more expressive features and upgrades, the conversations can also be a bit more difficult as well. Rather than controlling your character, you control their tongue primarily and as you level up you start to control more of their facial features. Most of what you do to begin with is control the tongue with the left stick and use it to press the buttons inside the mouth when they’re lit up green, if you press one of the buttons when it’s red it’ll cause a malfunction which may contort the face, make an eye pop or or your nose fall off, this as you could imagine will raise the suspicion level of the person you’re talking to.

When you level up you will gain points you can use to upgrade your character’s teeth which will give you new abilities such as making you able to control the movement of your eyes or you can increase the speed of your tongue, while you might think that having these upgrades might make the game easier then you’d be in for a shock. Having the ability to control your eyes and eyebrows ramps the difficulty way up since now instead of just controlling the tongue and shape of the mouth when you talk, you’ll also have to make sure that you can maintain eye contact or avert your gaze manually or you’ll need to move the eyebrows to change your expression and the worst thing is that you have to do this all at once and if you make any mistakes or take too long it’ll cause a malfunction that will raise your suspicion level.

You can play the levels in Speaking Simulator over and over again if you feel like you need to practice the specific movements or if you want to level up so that you can get some more upgrades or just so you could get a better score. It’s a surprisingly difficult game to play, I find that most of it comes with controlling the tongue it’s not exactly what I’d call precise and rather than the tip of the tongue, you direct a portion further down so it’s constantly flopping around and you’ll often press red buttons when you’re controlling the shape of the mouth so you have to make sure to move it out of the way. As well as the control issues, the tongue can also get stuck in the mechanisms of the mouth and glitch out, fortunately it does come unstuck if you wiggle it around enough but if you’re unlucky the damage may have already been done. To make the game even more difficult there are random events when the character will attempt to eat food while you’re talking and it can get in the way of your tongue movements so you have focus on swallowing the food if you don’t want it to get in the way, there’s also some points where it doesn’t make too much sense from a gameplay point of view, like being penalised for eye contact when the person you’re talking to is in a toilet cubicle.

There’s quite a few levels to play through and the dialogue between the characters can be quite humourous, especially when your face looks like a mangled mess and you’re in the middle of a sentence where you’re claiming not to be a robot. One thing I would have liked to see is a person’s reaction to discovering that you’re a robot but instead if you fail you just end up on a screen where you can choose between returning to your base or retrying.

To Conclude

Speaking Simulator is an okay game, it’s not one of those types of games I could imagine someone playing regularly but rather having a go of it here and there or showing it off to their friends so they can share the amusement. Like many simulators, the novelty wears off fairly quick as you just try to improve your scores rather than just enjoying the craziness of it. Unfortunately I was unable to finish this game, I was only able to get as far as the club’s dancing section when the game would crash consistently, I couldn’t find any mention of this online so I wonder if it’s an isolated incident but it’s definitely something prospective buyers should be aware of.

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