Stealth Classic Gold Abstract Gaming Headset review
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Stealth Classic Gold Abstract Gaming Headset Review

Welcome to our Stealth Classic Gold Abstract Gaming Headset review. This headset manufactured by Stealth features a stylish Gold and Black color scheme and a detachable microphone amongst other things. Like other Stealth products, it comes packaged in 100% plastic-free packaging.

  • Stealth Classic Gold Abstract Gaming Headset
  • System: Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Mobile
  • Model: XP-CGA
  • Colors: Gold and Black
  • Available: From 26th July 2019
  • Price £24.99
  • Review Sample Provided

The first thing that really stands out on this headset is its Gold and Black color scheme, which actually looks surprisingly good. The designers have taken a Black base and put an abstract pattern of Gold lines on it, to create what is a rather stunning looking headset.

Stealth Classic Gold Abstract Gaming Headset review

Being a cheap headset it does, unfortunately, make use of a lot of plastic which feels light and well, cheap. Luckily the aforementioned pattern is enough to stop it looking awful in this case. That said it does a least feel a little tougher than it looks, although I wouldn’t go dropping it on purpose, in any regards.

Stealth has equipped this headset with something I haven’t seen on many sets of this price and that is a detachable microphone, heck my £60 headset doesn’t even have one. This is a very useful feature as it allows you to transform the headset into an ordinary pair of headphones which you can use to just listen to music when out and about without looking like you’re some sort of mobile operator, although the abstract pattern may make you look a little nuts. This microphone is also adjustable, both up and down as well as left to right, thanks to its flexible body.

Stealth Classic Gold Abstract Gaming Headset review

I’m also very surprised by just how comfortable this headset is even during prolonged periods of use. This is thanks to the thick padding on each earcup and the headband which has a soft feel to it. Comfort isn’t always this good on cheap headsets. The headset is also very easy to adjust to fit many sizes of head as it uses a simple up and down guide system.

The cable features an in-line control box complete with a mute switch and volume adjustment for easier control. While the cable is a decent length for a Dualshock 4 or Xbox One controller, it does seem a little short which could be a problem if you’re a PC gamer with a PC that sits at floor level.

When it comes to listening to music or in-game audio this headset performs ok and will be pleasing to commuters who just want to listen to a tune on the Tube or people who don’t want their T.V gaming session waking people up but it’s not the best partly down to its price. It’s ok as I said but in my opinion its better suited as a chat headset which for me is perfect as I tend to use dedicated music headphones for music listening and headsets like this for party chat on my PS4 or Xbox One.

I have tested this headset mainly in a party chat with other Northern-Gamer, Chris, during sessions of Borderlands 2 and have found it to be rather decent. It clearly picks up my voice and portrays it just as clearly to the party. I am also able to hear everything that’s been said with no issues at all. I’d have to say it’s just as good as my popular branded headset.

In conclusion, for £24.99, the Stealth Classic Gold Abstract Gaming Headset is an absolute bargain buy. Its pattern makes it look stylish, while its performance as a gaming chat headset is up there beyond what its worth. It’s also very comfortable which is a lovely added bonus for a cheap gaming headset.

That concludes our Stealth Classic Gold Abstract Gaming Headset review. For more information check out the official product page.

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