STEALTH Cruiser A10 Headset review
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STEALTH Cruiser A10 Headset Review

Welcome to our STEALTH Cruiser A10 headset review. The Cruiser A10 headset is part of STEALTH’s XP family of headsets and features a green camouflage color scheme, a detachable microphone, and multi-format connectivity.

  • STEALTH Cruiser A10 Gaming Headset
  • System: Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Mobile
  • Model: XP-Crusier
  • Colors: Camo Green
  • Available:Now
  • Price £24.99
  • Review Sample Provided

When it comes to gaming headsets, STEALTH certainly knows what colors to use to make its products stand out and that’s obvious here with the camo green color scheme, perfect for those days you’re gaming out in the woods or in a bush somewhere. The scheme has been really well used here and the headset looks right in place with my camo green Dualshock 4.

STEALTH Cruiser A10 Headset review

Costing around £25.00 the Cruiser A10 is an inexpensive headset and that has to show somewhere and in this case, that is the materials used to build the headset. A light feeling plastic has been used and whilst it feels sturdy enough it still has a cheap feeling to it. Talking of sturdiness, the Cruiser A10’s seem to handle stress, such as twisting and bending quite well which I tested by manipulating the headband area in my hands.

Making up for this cheap plastic is the fact that the headset features a detachable microphone, something I’ve seen on other STEALTH headsets of this price but not on many other brands. The addition of a detachable microphone allows you to transform these to and from an ordinary pair of headphones for listening to music if you wish. The microphone is easy to remove and replace as it uses a twist and lock system that even a five-year-old could manage. What’s more, is that the microphone is also fully flexible allowing you to easily position it as you wish.

STEALTH Cruiser A10 Headset review

The headset’s cable is a decent length when it comes to Xbox One and PS4 controllers, however, it’s a bit too short when it comes to PCs. If your PC isn’t situated at head height you’re most likely going to need to use an extension cable if you want to comfortably use this headset. An in-line remote is present on the cable and it packs a microphone switch and a volume dial for quick and easy control.

STEALTH Cruiser A10 Headset review

Comfort is often an important factor when deciding which headset you’d like to buy, after all, you don’t want anything uncomfortable. The Cruiser A10’s are surprisingly comfortable given their price, and this shows even during long gaming sessions. This comfort is down to some soft thick padding around each earcup and a nice spongey, yet soft headband padding.

As a headset for listening to music on the go or at home, the Cruiser A10’s are ok and mostly average, which should be just enough for casual listeners of music or people who want to use the headset for in-game audio purposes.

Like I’ve said a few times before on other headset reviews, these cheaper ones are often at their best when it comes to party chat. In PlayStation 4 parties the headset does a wonderful job of picking up my voice and delivering it clearly to other members with no issues reported. It also works wonders when coming to actually hearing them and what they have to say, which I clearly hear through the headset with no issues.

For £24.99 you just can’t go wrong with the Crusier A10’s as they offer fantastic value for money in more ways than one, for example, the detachable microphone that allows you to quickly transform them between chat headset and music headset. Their green camo color scheme is really well done and sure to please fans of war games like COD or Battlefield as well as owners of other camo green console accessories.

That concludes our STEALTH Cruiser A10 headset review. For more information about this headset, check out the official product page here.

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