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Stealth Gaming PS4 Single Charging Dock Review

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This particular Stealth Gaming charging dock is built to seat a single PS4 controller, if you’re looking for something a little more Xbox flavoured, why not take a look at our review of Stealth Gaming’s twin Xbox charging dock.

The dock comes in a small box with absolutely zero plastic packaging. Inside the box you get the dock itself, a 2m premium braided micro USB cable and a set of instructions.

The dock itself features a sleek design squashed down into its relatively small frame completing the premium feel with some stylish honeycomb patterning. It has rubber feet to prevent it from sliding and thanks to its design is difficult to knock over, I purposely tried and the thing barely even wobbles, even with the controller resting in the dock.

There’s a pretty snazzy display on the front that lights up when the device is receiving power, the Stealth Gaming logo blares in white with a battery indicator nestled underneath. The battery indicator changes colour between when the device is charging and when it’s finished so you know when to remove the controller.

The dock gets plugged in at the back via a micro USB and the controller is placed on top with its EXT port for charging and the headphone port to help hold it in place. It’s a pretty tight fit and holds securely so you don’t have to worry about accidentally knocking the thing off.

The cable provided in the box is a rather nice blue and black braided cable, which matches the PS4 colour scheme quite nicely and is 2m in length. The cable can either be plugged into the back of the dock so you can charge while you’re not playing or you can plug it into the top of the controller as you would any other micro USB if you want to play while you charge.

It’s a sturdy, well made cable, there’s no wiggling when in use and it feels nice to the touch. The braiding is much less coarse than you might find with other brands, so it really is of the highest quality and if all that wasn’t good enough already, they’ve even provided a little Velcro cable tie to help keep everything neat and tidy.

To Conclude

What you get for the price, which by the way is only £7.99, is really unbeatable. Depending where you go it could cost you that much for a braided micro USB cable of that quality alone. So if you like to have your controller sitting on a fancy looking display while it charges, you should definitely pick one of these up for yourself. You can find them here, or if you want to see what else Stealth Gaming has to offer you can visit their website.

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