Stealth Xbox One Twin Charging Dock Review
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Stealth Xbox One Twin Charging Dock Review

Welcome to our Stealth Xbox One Twin Charging Dock review. This dock is designed to charge up to two Xbox One controllers at a time, from a single USB port. In the kit, you get the dock, an Xbox colored themed USB cable and two batteries, all of which come in plastic-free packaging, something the company is very proud of.

  • Stealth Xbox One Twin Charging Dock
  • System: Xbox One
  • Model: SX-C100
  • Colors: Black or White
  • Available: From 26th July 2019
  • Price £14.99
  • Review Sample Provided

Design-wise, this charging dock has a very appealing style that looks really good below my T.V set with or without the controllers in place. It’s black for the most part but features the Stealth branding in green on each side and honeycomb effect pattern on the top. At the front, it features a useful backlit display that shows the Stealth logo, as well as two, numbered battery icons which flash to indicate that the connected controller is charging, once they light stays solid green, the controller in that slot is charged fully.

Stealth Xbox One Twin Charging Dock Review

There are two well-spaced apart slots on top of the dock, which act as the sitting space for each controller. In each of the docks is a set of two pins that act as the contact points to charge the batteries when docked.

Instead of your standard Xbox One controller batteries, you’ll have to use the included batteries from the kit, since they have the connection point required to use the dock. These batteries come with their own cover built on and simply slide into the battery compartment. They also feature their own USB port, so you can directly charge them using a MicroUSB cable should you forget to charge them in the dock.

Stealth Xbox One Twin Charging Dock Review

A premium quality braided MicroUSB cable is included with the set. As a way to make it match the Xbox, it’s colored with green and black or green and white depending on what color dock you purchase.

Charging the batteries using the dock takes a couple of hours from almost dead to full, but thanks to the display at the front it’s easy to determine when a charge is complete. Unfortunately, there’s no way other than unplugging the dock to turn it off, so when both controllers are charged you’ll have to unplug it, which is a slight annoyance.

In conclusion, the Stealth Xbox One Twin Charging Dock is a decent and stylish way to charge your Xbox One controllers when you’re not using them. A basic but handy display on the front takes all the guessing work out of figuring out if the batteries are charged or not. The only real thing I don’t like about this dock is that there’s no way to power it off without disconnecting it.

That concludes our Stealth Xbox One Twin Charging Dock review. For more information and to see where its available to purchase check it out on the Stealth website. You can also check out our review of the Stealth PS4 Single Charging Dock.

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