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Telefrag VR – Fight to the death in this VR arena shooter.

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Getting Started

Telefrag VR is an arena shooter for PSVR¬† and as you would expect is a multiplayer game. There’s no story to speak of so the game is very much a what you see is what you get type of deal, and it plays as you might expect if you’re familiar with others in the genre such as Unreal Tournament.

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You might dive head first into Telefrag VR thinking you’ll be in for an epic time with it the likes of what you might have experienced from similar games but I’m sorry to say that there will be no sprawling matches fit for whole troupes of combatants because Telefrag VR has opted to go for a one on one duel type situation. This is in its self isn’t so bad given the small size of the maps but there’s a very small score limit to go along with it so the matches can last no more than a few minutes at most, the goal being that the first one to claim three frags is the winner. I feel like this could have been a lot more engaging if it had been more than a one on one type of scenario but because it is, it gets boring very quickly and it makes you not want to play for very long, especially when your only opponents are AI controlled bots.

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Arguably the best thing about Telefrag VR has to be the environments, with the weapons coming in a close second. You can teleport about the place, walking on walls, upside down and a lot of imagination seems to have gone into the arenas you fight in. Some of the time I would just hang about looking at all the detail the developers had put into it.

I played with the comfort settings off so I could walk around freely and you can teleport around using your weapons, there’s a few to choose from and you can have a different one in each hand and they all have different teleport abilities and alternate firing methods. For example, the Flak Cannon, it’s basically this games’ version of a shotgun, it has the standard spread and damage you’d expect from one but you can also switch the firing method so it spits out little bombs that stick to surfaces and explode after a limited amount of time instead. Its teleporting feature fires out a dome which damages your enemy and stays there for a short time and if you press the button again you’ll be transported to the centre. This is one of the slower methods and has a continuing damage effect to the the other player so long as they’re in the bubble but because it’s slower it’s also weaker, some of the other weapons have a more immediate, direct teleport that deal a lot more damage because you have to be more accurate.

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One of the game’s features is the ability to kill your opponent with your teleport and is know as a telefrag. You can use your traditional gun fire as well if you so choose, but I found that the means of teleporting was so effective as a weapon that I didn’t need to fire a single shot. It did mean that carrying the weapons was merely a formality that enabled your teleporting but they’re really more of a secondary ability compared to telefragging. One problem I had and it’s a major one, is that because I was never able to play against a human, I feel had to stop trying completely to lose because the bots that populate the game while you wait for someone for another human to join instead are so easy to beat, you’ll often find them just standing around.

To Conclude

Telefrag VR is a good idea that’s wasted on a game that no one is playing, perhaps arena shooters are not as popular as they once were with the current battle royale trend? I had many matches on this game and not a single one of them was with another human player, if it hadn’t been for the bots that populate the matches until another person can join, I wouldn’t have been able to play it at all. I don’t recommend anyone out there to buy this as it will be a waste of your money since you’ll more than likely only ever be playing against bots the entire time as I did, despite the fact it’s a multiplayer game. It’s only saving grace is the amount of effort the developers have put into the environments and weapons but it seems it’s not enough to get people playing.

It’s not the worst game available for PlayStation VR by any means but the mere fact that you’re not likely to find another human player considering it’s supposed to be a multiplayer game and had it not been for the bots, the game would be unplayable is the reason why I’ve given it such a low score.

If for some reason you still want to get this game, to see for yourself maybe or to try your luck, you can find it here.

If you want to know more about the developers, you can visit this link to get to their site.

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