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The Eyes of Ara Review (Nintendo Switch)

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Welcome to our The Eyes Of Ara review. The Eyes of Ara is an escape room style mystery puzzle adventure, where you take on the role of a lone traveler on a derelict island working their way through a creepy old mansion. Developed by 100 Stones Interactive The Eyes of Ara was originally published back in 2016 for steam and is similar to the Myst series of puzzle adventure games. The Eyes of Ara has now come to Nintendo Switch with two play styles, either in docked mode using your Joy-con as a pointer or using the underused touch screen feature of the switch.

Graphics and Audio

The style used in The Eyes of Ara is visually pleasing, using great detail within the environments, shelves filled with books and ornaments, tables and chairs, lamps, pictures, and even radios, with all of the aesthetics helping to bring the scene together whilst adding realism to the environment. Areas are darker and lighter where relevant helping to guide you and allowing you to see what’s collectible or intractable, and adding to this effect pressing on any particular area causes a small dust cloud indicating you’ve successfully tapped helping you to ensure you collect everything you can. Accompanying the dust cloud is a tap or knocking sound indicating if objects can be interacted with. The game’s overall background audio helps to bring you into the game’s levels making it feel lonely and derelict with the creepy echos only helping to build tension.


The puzzles lead you along a path almost without misdirection, making most puzzles very self explanatory with their solutions being found nearby in obvious textual methods or sometimes more ornate ways and the answer may evade you for some time before realizing the obvious answers are in front of you, and in other instances it’s simply about memory or a process of elimination. The story progression also offers other puzzles allowing you to recount other people’s experiences from the past adding a history to the game by finding text and collectibles that fill in the gaps or paint a picture. Amidst the various puzzles, there are other items to be collected hidden throughout the manor such as coins and photographs scattered and stashed around the place, some in mini-puzzles others in plain sight, all keep you interested for hours as the puzzles grow and become more complicated.

The Eyes of Ara review


That concludes our The Eyes Of Ara review. The Eyes of Ara is an attractive game with some interesting puzzles to get you racking your brain and is an interesting play as you explore the creepy mansion filled with the eerie lights of what appear to be spirts. With it offering a touch screen mode it’s definitely worth owning for the switch adding too the consoles value, although not the most smooth game to function it was the right level of challenge and mystery offering optional puzzles or the straight story. Another great reason to check out this is the Halloween update adding more collectibles and some festive decorations, Check out The Eyes of Ara on the Nintendo store here.