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The Surge 2 Review

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Welcome to our The Surge 2 review. Developed once again by the incredible studio Deck 13 and presented by Focus Home Interactive

The Surge 2 is a promising Surge sequel having left Warren after his incident at Creo’s manufacturing facility, you now find yourself in the role of a mysterious man, surviving a horrific plane crash at the time of Warrens misshapes, our hero has been in a coma. Waking to the destruction surrounding you, you cautiously make your way through a prison and then the fallen city of Jericho, meeting the locals that have survived and adjusted to their apocalyptic climate, you complete quests for various people and unlock a maze of pathways around Jericho. Discover what is really going on around Jericho and uncover the truth that led to the Creo catastrophe, follow Athena as she leaves you clues and trinkets to help you.

The Surge 2 is an incredible upgrade from its predecessor offering you the chance to personalise your player also with far better graphics making it look shiny and new.

The Surge 2 Review The Surge 2 Review


Surge 2 uses a mixture of basic and advanced combat techniques that will allow you to select the specific body part you want, as well as blocking from each of the directions to save stamina and combat more effectively, as did the original. With The Surge 2 there are more combat implants than before, incorporating directional markers to help and improving their already smooth system, reducing the amount of stamina consumed and even damage taken.

With Surge there were a lot of moments where it felt I was out of my depth early on and no real way to get stronger with a vast number of enemies killing me quickly, Surge 2 offers a more player-friendly experience slowly bringing the difficulty up as well as the types of enemies you face, on top of this the levels they are is much more varied as you progress making it easier to increase your own strength fighting enemy types you have already learned to defeat, stripping them of their components and repurposing them to your own needs. Again, with a drop on death system, at times it can still be difficult and frustrating but all the more rewarding, being patient and dealing with each opponent strategically using new drone types to aid you while manually commanding them to shoot parts before removing them with brutal finisher style moves.

The story just grows ever more interesting as you travel a more open world with many more people to talk to scattered around various locations, with multiple mentions of names from the Surge, adding numerous side quests and multiple mainline quests to your log. The change in enemies during play as you travel the city is refreshing, becoming more difficult and in some cases much bigger while using different tactics based on its attacks, choosing when to strike or rather opting to shoot from range.


  • More weapons consisting of various elements and weapon types.
  • Various new implants to really alter your play experience.
  • More exo armor options to choose from, some using new void elements.
  • Upgrade your weapon, armour and your implants to get the most out of them.
  • Stack injectables and refill them without returning to a med bay.
  • Swift easy to use advanced combat techniques remastered.
  • Open city of Jericho to explore.
  • Incredible story tying together the past events of The Surge.
  • Alternate load-outs to set up different classes.
  • Weapons are interchangeable during combat if set to favourite.

The Surge 2 Review The Surge 2 Review

Graphics and Audio

The Surge was already a fantastically well-developed game using highly detailed gameplay and even greater quality cutscenes, Surge 2 pushes that high barrier and excels making Surge look amazing, a real credit to showing what PlayStation is capable of. A hugely detailed and advanced city in the midst of a major crisis filled with many buildings and secret passages to explore as well as overgrown greenery and forests.

The character designs are again well detailed some being part machine, with so many details and visual effects, even your own player has the drone attached to his back which flies off at command. Not as dark as The Surge, it has gone for a much brighter approach, unfortunately removing that sense of horror and feeling more like an action game. The atmospheric sounds that accompany you help to bring you into your environment, with relevant sounds such as birds in the forests and the whir of motors and electricity as you pass through, occasionally using suspenseful music to build tension at particular parts.

The Surge 2 Review The Surge 2 Review


That concludes our The Surge 2 review.

Overall The Surge 2 is a must buy, bringing more exciting truths to light regarding Creo and much more. Far more user-friendly and a pleasure to play and a marvel to look at, pick up The Surge 2 from the links below.


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