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Live an intense souls like experience with The Surge

The Surge.

The Surge Development

The Surge an intense game developed from August 2015 by Deck 13 Interactive, they went on releasing concept art and alpha footage in March 2016 and was complete ready for release on 16th May 2017. Get More info from Deck 13 here.

Powered by Fledge Engine incorporating features of Nvidia Game Works. Published by Focus Home Interactive and available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Initial Intro

Entering the world of The Surge through the eyes of a desperate man, who lost the use of his legs. Reaching out to Creo, a huge cooperation that make miracles happen every day, with their use of advanced technology and Exo-suits. After undergoing an intense procedure, Warren our hero, is disregarded and rejected as a failure and considered dead. Waking in what appears to be a scrap heap, Warren pushes on hopeful and positive with his new re-found ability to walk.

Mechanics and Filler

The Surge weapons.
The Surge harvest from body parts.

Progressing through the facility it is obvious that something has gone terribly wrong, Warren seems to be the only person alive. Using a broken rod you must combat various enemies of robotic and humanoid nature, in a death on drop life system similar to Demon’s Souls. With a turn styled combat system paying attention to the moves of your opponents you can take advantage of openings or alternatively you can jump in full on, using a combination of blocks and dodges to overpower your enemies. Using basic and advanced combat techniques, aim your swings for precision strikes with the body part aim mechanic to maximise damage to a particular limb and harvest body parts in graphic finisher moves and scavenge the armour and weapons from enemies to improve your own arsenal.


As the game carries you through the eerie corridors and factory halls, they’re wrought with the tragedy that has ensued. The hints of the past lives lost, clues to their demise lay scattered throughout the game. You find a multitude of upgrades for your suit.

The Surge upgrades for your suit.

This enables more ways to exploit the available combat combinations and play styles. Helping to build your knowledge of enemies and their moves, allowing new attacks and dodges. Included are different drone companions to aid you in combat, equipped with kinetic shield and a drone melee that knocks most enemies flying. It also allows access to new areas in the game world and assists defeating the much larger Mek bosses and optional enemies dotted around.

The Surge Enemies
The Surge Mek Bosses


The Surge is an intense and even creepy game. Its advanced combat makes it difficult to play though it’s well suited to players who enjoy a challenge and don’t mind a bit of grind. With excellent graphics and a few mind blowing cutscenes, I look forward to the future of Deck 13 which includes The Surge 2, due for release on September 24th 2019. The Surge and Surge 2 can be purchased here.

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