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Untitled Goose Game PS4 Review

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In Untitled Goose Game you are a goose, a goose with no concept of personal space or what it means for people to own things or have a pleasant day, unless it’s for the goose.

The Game

Your job as the goose is just to do whatever your little goose heart desires but if you’re in the mood to do it, you can look at your to do list and cross off the the things on it.

The goose controls well and the developers have gotten the movements of the goose down perfectly, you can waddle about and use the X button if you want to run, spread and flap your wings with R2, duck with L2 to hide under things or use it to hide in grass or sneak about and you can press Square to honk. Although it might not look it, Untitled Goose Game is quite similar to a stealth game in that you often have to snatch things away from people without them having noticed you’ve done it so you can get away with it. If people spot that you have something that’s theirs they will chase you and wrestle it out of your thieving beak, with the exception of the boy who you can terrorise if you choose to.


Your to do list will take you through a few different areas, with the ultimate end goal being that you want to get to the miniature town and steal the bell from the church tower. Each area has a small selection of things to cross for your to do list but one thing they all have in common is one item one the list that wants you to collect a small group of things and take them to another area, for example in the gardens you have to set up a picnic and at the pub you have to set the dinner table. After you’ve ticked off most of the items on your to do list the people in the area will get fed up of you being there and will put up a no geese sign and this also unlocks the final action you need to perform to get through to the next area.




The areas are nicely varied and with the exception of gathering items to take somewhere else, everything on your list is different but rest assured, everything on there will have you causing havoc for the locals. When you’ve finished everything on your to do lists you’ll unlock another series of challenges that will really put your goose skills to the test, it’ll involve you doing things that you may not have thought you could do when you’re playing for the first time, such as taking items between the different areas and even bringing the people across from other places. One especially mean thing you have to do is make a small boy fall over in a puddle so it’s no wonder people keep putting up no goose signs.

The biggest challenge comes in the form of little time trials you get access to after finishing the game and these require you to repeat the to do lists for each area, only this time before the church bell rings. Once you know what you’re doing these aren’t too difficult, it just becomes more a case of getting things done in the right order or timing it so that the AI isn’t distracted with something when you need them to be doing something else.

To Conclude

Untitled Goose Game is a lot of fun to play and some aspects of it can be unexpectedly challenging as you try to figure out what it is you need to do to cross an item off your list. I would recommend this game to anyone just for the fun of harassing people as a goose, it seems like an odd concept when you hear it aloud but it actually works very well.

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