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Uragun Gameplay Trailer Released

Kool2Play Studio has released the first Uragun gameplay trailer for the upcoming top-down shooter. The new trailer introduces players to the game’s main plot points and also shows off the gameplay of the upcoming title.

Uragun gameplay trailer

Uragun is a hardcore top-down shooter combined with tactical combat elements. Using wits and a load of weapons, players will have to outsmart and outshoot their enemies, which are hostile swarms of A.I controlled machines. As well as the small weapons players will also be able to take control of a giant mech suit in their battle against waves of hostile robots on the streets of New York, London, Berlin, Moscow, Bejing, and Warsaw.

Uragun gameplay trailer

Combining the dense atmosphere of Syndicate with the dynamic gameplay of Crimsonland and the tactical elements of Helldivers, Uragun looks set to be one hell of an experience when it launches in 2020. Talking of the game’s launch date, it’s set to launch on Steam Early Access in early 2020 with a full console and PC release aiming to take place mid-2020.

For more information about Uragun, check out the official website here. The new Uragun gameplay trailer can be viewed below.

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