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Wanking Simulator Get’s A Demo And PC Release Date Window

Publisher, Ultimate Games S.A has today announced a release date window and the availability of a demo for their upcoming game, Wanking Simulator. Yes, you read that right, a game called Wanking Simulator, and you can try it right now through its demo before its full release later in the first quarter of 2020.

The independent developer, MrCiastku is currently developing the game and has announced that the gameplay is very diverse. In addition to the ”masturbation chaos” on offer, there will also be hand-to-hand fighting, shooting, driving, and throwing projectiles amongst other things.

Wanking Simulator

Players will take on the role of Winston Gay, a man who’s disruptive nighttime activities have led to the intervention of his neighbors. This leaves Winston no choice but to bring all-out wanking chaos to the town of Gay Bay.

” The game created by MrCiastku is based on absurd and politically
incorrect assumptions. This surreal and humorous simulator, which can be
associated with the animated series South Park, will offer additional game
modes, different locations and new forms of activity on the day of release “
– says Ultimate Games S.A. CEO, Mateusz Zawadzki.

For more information or to try out the demo check out the Steam page.

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