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Whipseey and the Lost Atlas Review (PlayStation 4)

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Welcome to our Whipseey and the Lost Atlas review PS4.


Whipseey and the Lost Atlas is a fantastic retro-style pixel art platformer, published by Blowfish Studios and masterfully created by Daniel A Ramirez.

Taking the role of a small boy upon discovering the Lost Atlas, not knowing and being pulled into its very pages. Upon arrival, the boy is quickly turned into a lovable pink balled character equipped with a handy whip.

Whipseey and the Lost Atlas Review
Pulled into the book.


Using your trusty whip you are to try and escape the pages; using it to attack foes, swing between gaps and even slowly descend in a helicopter like motion. Mixing with Whipseey’s classic jump attack you are well equipped to deal with the enemies and obstacles. Traversing across five beautifully made levels, backed by well suited intense pace setting music, keeping you on the edge of your seat. A huge variety of enemy types using differing attacks and unique boss encounters for the end of each stage, whom might I add make the most satisfying pop sound upon defeating them.

Progressively the game teaches you to use your abilities testing you in safer areas and gradually getting more challenging as the levels continue, combining mixtures of enemies and obstacles preparing you for the inevitable challenges ahead.

Whipseey and the Lost Atlas Review
Helicopter like motion.
Beautifully made levels
Beautifully made levels
Whipseey and the Lost Atlas Review
Unique boss encounters.


I for one was hugely impressed with Whipseey. Graphically speaking it sets off a sense of nostalgia, using a combination of smaller pixels to create characters, enemies, obstacles and story scenes. This allowing them to look complex and layered adding detail and personality. Whilst the background uses much larger pixels to help create a painted appearance giving focus on the characters and making your experience smoother. I only hope there is more to come. An instant pick up and play classic, bringing together some of the greatest aspects of retro platformers from the past. A colorful adventure I couldn’t put down.

My only criticism for this masterpiece is its length, Whipseey can, unfortunately, be completed within a few hours. Disappointed that it was over, I can now only replay and wait for more.

That concludes our Whipseey and the Lost Atlas review PS4. To Purchase Whipseey and the Lost Atlas for the PlayStation 4, check out the link below.

U.K Playstation Store – Whipseey and the Lost Atlas

Before you go! More on Blowfish Studios

An Indie game developer and publisher. Starting in 2010 by Benjamin Lee and Aaron Grove in Sydney Australia, they run a team of over 25 developers creating content for themselves, publishing and porting content from other developers. Starting on the Indie ladder with games such as Qbism and Siegecraft from 2010, on mobile and pc devices. Doing well and creating great games they continued forth into modern times trying their hand at Vr games with Siegecraft Vr in 2014. Their success had only just begun at this point as they barrelled into next generation consoles with PS4 and Xbox One in 2015 with Gunscape and publishing The Deer God on Nintendo Switch in 2017.

Blowfish Studios has done some incredible work and continue to do so with games such as Whipseey and the Lost Atlas and more exciting times to come with at-least another 4 titles on the way.

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