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ZA4 Terror Lab DLC PS4 Review

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If you’re not familiar with Zombie Army 4 then you could take a look at my review of the game here, I’d recommend you go and play it for yourself if you have the chance to do so though since it’s a great game and I’d hate to spoil anything for any new players.


With the Terror Lab portion of the season one pass you get some new weapons, a smattering of weapon skins, a new outfit for Boris and a new playable character in the form of Josiah. There’s even something in this little bundle for those of you who don’t have the season pass in the form of a new horde map, Undead Wood. There’s plenty more content than this to come in the future and you can see what’s in store by checking out the DLC road map provided by Rebellion.

If you want a quick peek of what’s in store with the Terror Lab DLC to compliment the road map, then you can have a watch of the video below;

Set after the events of the main story, Terror Lab has you investigating why the undead are still a problem given the way the end of the game shakes out, I won’t say what happens to avoid spoilers but given the game I’m sure you can guess what the end is. Given that the Terror Lab is only a single level split into four chapters, the same way the rest of the game is laid out, then you shouldn’t be expecting hours upon hours of gameplay with this one but it is a great addition to add to the story nonetheless. Each chapter is varied from the last and has plenty of enemies for you to plough through but it doesn’t offer much more challenge than the rest of the game, unless of course you like to have it on the hardest difficulty and tweak the number of enemies from the default, it does have the same kind of replayability as the rest of ZA4 though.


As for the other content, Undead Wood, is a nice addition and adds some extra game time for the first portion of the season pass but other than that, it’s pretty much business as usual as far as the horde mode is concerned. The weapons are good but as with other DLC weapons, they take some work to see their full potential, requiring you to perform specific feats as you use them to unlock their skills rather than applying the upgrade packs like you do with the other weapons in the game. The weapon skins are pretty nice to look at with their molten lava aesthetic and Boris’s new costume is nice enough but they don’t offer anything in the way of gameplay, Boris’s abilities are the same as his default appearance and despite the way they look, the lava doesn’t actually burn. The biggest gameplay change is the introduction of Josiah and while he doesn’t play any differently to the other characters, he does have his own skills much like the other characters, for example Josiah’s skills are that while his stamina regenerates slower, he has an expanded grenade radius and an increased combo timer.

To Conclude

What’s been presented with the season pass so far is a great start and I’ll be looking forward to what comes next, it’s the start of a great new story that has me asking questions considering the end of the main game. The horde mode map was a nice addition but it doesn’t offer much other than a different locale for your waves of zombie slaughter but it’s always nice to have more content, especially for free. There’s not really much more to say about Terror Lab given its relative short length, for me it took a couple of hours because I like to take my time and search in every corner but other players could be through it in a fraction of the time, so what I can say is that it’s probably best for you to try it out for yourself if you can.

If you want to get this DLC for yourself then you can find the links to the season pass below;


Xbox One

Epic Games Store

If you still have yet to play Zombie Army 4 and you want to get the DLC along with the game itself, then you can go to the store links for the super deluxe edition which includes the season pass below;


Xbox One

Epic Games Store


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